Why You Shouldn't Skip On Your Engagement Session?

Here are 5 reasons to consider before you say No!


Undoubtedly, you are crazy busy planning the best day of your life and time is of the essence when you still have so many details to consider, from the color of the linens to the gifts for the out of town guests.  And, as busy as you and your fiance are, an engagement session just doesn’t seem as important. Friend, I am here to say that you should not skip on your engagement photos, and I will give you 5 quick reasons why before you have to leave to call the florist!



1.  First of all, getting comfortable in front of a camera lens may not seem as easy once you are faced with a big camera in front of your face.  People tend to get a little camera shy when someone, better said, a professional photographer you have never met face to face puts their camera in front of you and your boo and says, "smile."  Immediately, you and your partner will wear that cheesy smile that we all have when we are nervous. Getting comfortable in front of the camera requires a little bit of patience and guidance. It’s your photographer's job to get you there. So no worries there is no pressure on you!  Your photographer will take time to build you up to the point that you and your fiance will feel comfortable and relaxed. It is then, when some of the best candid photos come alive! In some instances, your photographer will guide you through some poses to help you enhance the photos.


2.  You get to know your wedding photographer.  Even though a professional photographer has tons of experience to work on a fast pace wedding day,  follow a timeline, change locations on a heartbeat and be a fly on the wall at all times; it really helps that you and your fiance have established a personal relationship with your photographer.  That way by the time your wedding day comes around, your photographer will know what poses you feel more comfortable in. This trust can translate into more authentic and fun photos on your wedding.



3.   An opportunity to use your makeup and hair trial.  Although engagement sessions are more relaxed, it would be a great time to get a glimpse of how your hair and makeup will turn out in images. Most makeup artist will offer brides a free trial before the wedding.  



4.  As wedding planning begins, it marks a sweet season of your lives! However, we all know that it gets overwhelming and at times super stressful.  Time is fleeing before your eyes and before you know it your lives are about to change forever. An engagement session is a chance to go on a date and perhaps take a break from all that wedding planning talk.  So, with that... get dolled up and get some professional photos done! Afterward, you can plan on going to your favorite restaurant to enjoy some yummy food and drinks.





5.  So what do I do with my engagement photos now?  So glad you asked because there is so much you can do!  First, you can add those photos to your wedding website so all your family and friends can see you and your boo. You can create a guest book for your wedding day with all your favorite images.  Lastly, you can make "save the date " cards that can be mailed to all your wedding guests.



Florida Photographer with a deep love for wedding and lifestyle photography.