Claudia Rios

Destination Wedding| St. Peterburgs, FL| Melissa and T.J.

Claudia Rios
Destination Wedding| St. Peterburgs, FL| Melissa and T.J.

Here is the beautiful wedding story of one of my favorite couples, T.J. and Melissa.   To begin, Melisa and TJ are the coolest and most easy going couples I have ever known.  Their wedding day was absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end.  I am so blessed to have been this couple's wedding photographer.  


Originally, Melissa and TJ had planned to get married at the Islander Hotel in Isla Morada, but due to Hurricane Irma, who destroyed the property they ended up having to change venues to a sister resort in St. Petersburg, Florida called the Guy Harvey Outpost.  


But all the unexpected changes in location did not drown or bring despair upon Melissa and TJ.  They simply embraced the changes and continued to plan their wedding even though they had never visited the venue where they got married.  


Melissa and TJ decided on a first look!  It was truly one for the books.  The minute that TJ saw his beautiful bride he couldn't contain from letting Melissa know all that was in his heart.   Our long lens just caught their beautiful exchange of love and its possible that we might of all dropped some tears. 


Their wedding ceremony was witnessed by their closest relatives and friends who traveled from different parts of the country.  


Melissa and her super amazing friends were a blast to photograph!  Here is TJ with his buddies who were also having a great time posing for photographs.  


After we were done taking all the wedding party, family and bride and groom portraits on the beach, Melissa and TJ took a small break to have a drink while all the wedding party guests were being invited to the reception area where dinner and dancing was going to take place.  


Melissa and TJ enjoyed each other the entire wedding day.   They danced the night away,  had a wonderful dinner and drank mojitos until the very end of the night.   It was such an exceptional wedding to write the very least.  

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