Wedding Photographer

Just a little sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes during a wedding.


Well, hello! 

I am that girl who dreams of your wedding along with you!   Just like you, I am excited about the moment when you walk down the aisle because I will be there to capture to his reaction as he sees you on your wedding dress.    

I love to hear about the details and colors of your wedding, because I get excited about photographing all those pretty things you worked so hard to put together.  I am not just a professional wedding photographer, but also a dreamer of weddings photography.

Understanding the value of a timeless moment... I've been married to my wonderful husband, huge supporter, best friend and amazing dad to my three  kids for 20 years.  I know how valuable it is to keep precious memories and have a way to revisit them later.


    Here are some fun facts about me.. 

    • I have lived by the ocean most of my life, therefore, I  believe salt water just about cures everything.

    • I think one key to a happy marriage is forgiveness.  

    • I heard that there are 5 love languages and I think I speak them all.  

    • I think God has the most amazing sense of humor.  Also, I am believe He is the architect, designer and creator of all things.
    • The sound of tree leaves are smoothing to my soul and the sound of waterfalls relax for my spirit.  

    • I think that coffee and tea-times should be mandatory. 

    • I think that sea shells are ocean treasures.

    • One of my dreams is to photograph a wedding in France. My second dream is to find gold coins from a pirate ship.  

    • I always wish time would slow down a little.

    • I love sailboats

    • Late 80's and 90's music are the best! 

    • I think Florida is the best state in the US to bet married.
    • I think nature is God's gift to human beings.  

    Thanks for taking the time to know me.  I would love to get to know about you.  Lets connect!